Monday, January 17, 2005

E ancora....

I test di oggi

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Music Are You? :::pics:::"

You're about as hardcore as they come. Music is your passion and you listen to it for talent not because it's popular. You probably have a lot of respect for all artforms and you like classical piano. Slipknot definitely sucks in your eyes...and for good reason. Any band who takes the time to put on make-up and masks just isn't worth your respect.

(per questo non ci voleva una scienza però .... )

Take the quiz: "TRUE OR POSER? Goth/punk/metal"

Metal Warrior
You are a warrior! Up the irons! The metal community are proud of you!

(e nemmeno per questo -_-)

Take the quiz: "Which guitarist would you be? (Fucking kick ass pix!!!)"

Kerry King
You are Kerry king!!! you are a fucking bad ass lead/rythm guitarist!!!

( O___O ma ma ma ... ma a me gli slayer non fanno impazzire...)

Per il momento basta così, adesso sono arrivati i soci: LAN PARTY!

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