Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Per la serie viva quizilla!

Non avevo molto da fare questo pomeriggio e ho buttato via il tempo in questo modo.
Beccatevi i vari test che ho fatto :P

You like the sweet, shy type.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? (CUTE anime pics)
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Your Sesshoumaru! you are calm and collected and
you don't show any emotion at all. But inside
we all know you are a softy, it's just a matter
of showing it to everyone else. Be open once in
a while and maybe even date one of your many

What Inuyasha Character are you?
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What Vampire Clan Are You?
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You are a member of the Ecstatic Cult. Break all
the boundaries lest face being stuck in a rut
for eternity.

What Magickal Tradition Do You Belong In?
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Cult of Ecstacy
Many Initiates come to the Cult because of its
reputation as a continual party. Popular
opinion has it that sex, drugs and
rock-'n'-roll are whate the Cult is about.
When the mages get to the party, though, they
find out that there's a very specific pointe to
all the relvelry. The Cult of Ecstasy breaks
down barriers and self-imposed limitations to
give people a rush of eye-opening experience.

What Tradition Are You?
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L'ozio fa brutti scherzi.....
Cmq a parte tutto, è preoccupante sapere che sarei una brujah ed una cultista dell'estesi anche nella vita reale... quando il gioco è fin troppo realistico :P

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